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The Inevitable

What does it take to be a teenager in this modern era? A lot is the answer. We are to be known as Generation Z, follow the same path as our parents and understand a world that changes faster than we do. The political hemisphere of our life is collapsing within itself and hatred is spreading like an STI at a swingers party, but it isn't all doom and gloom in this world, there is hope, there is faith and there is, as corny as it sounds, love. I'm not talking about the bullshit love you see in the movies or that you fantasise about whilst lying in bed elbow deep in Doritos and self-hatred. But the love that you get when you really connect with someone on an emotional level and in no way sexual but purely someone you can trust and look at them and think 'you get me as a human and you get me as a friend'. This is what you must cling to, these friendships are what will take you through these umpteen years of hell.

The society we live in is obsessed with the materialistic desires that are constantly engrained in our brains. You spend your weekends or weeknights watching tv shows where people are happier than you are, with more money than you and more friends than you. In the short 5 minute advertisements we are given glimpses of desires we can't afford by people we want to look like. Take a look at this objectively and tell me why we are unhappy, throughout this blog I have just started I wish to enlighten you with the reality that in fact everything only matters as much as we make it matter. Every issue is only as big as how we perceive it.

Yours lovingly,


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