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End of the Line

I've spent a lot of the last few months in a very stagnant state of mind in which I repeat the same few actions of revising, Netflix, pub, sleep and feel like everything else is on hold. I'm not meeting new people or doing new things. In times like these, it's very easy to get wrapped up in your own thoughts and emotions. It's very easy to be happy wallowing and relishing in this state of 'stuck' as it does seem and feel easier. Whether it's spending hours on end in bed or whatever menial tasks you find yourself doing. 

However, humans are drawn to familiarity and routine, they crave these patterns and commonalities in their lives. This can be utilised in a beneficial way of going to the gym, revising, starting a new hobby etc. or as previously mentioned the worst of activities.  I'm not here to criticise or judge as I am very much guilty of the latter. 

But slowly and increasingly I'm becoming more aware of the fact I'm doing it and through this trying to change my habits and choices. 

They say the average time it takes to start a habit is 66 days.  From the moment you finish reading this go out and do something you wish you started many weeks ago and eventually over time it will become habitual.  I'm aware that this takes time and takes energy to do but there's hope. Be resilient and start something new. Don't be comfortable being the person that you've settled for. Strive to be the person you want to be and have the stories and experience which you are proud to tell rather than the ones you are currently telling.

I know all of this sounds very corny and very repetitive but sometimes the corny stuff works.

Yours lovingly,


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